The Roots of Bliss

You are here because you appreciate only the finest tastes. You are here because you understand the true value of premium, high-quality extra virgin olive oil. You are here because you are searching for the roots of health, beauty and happiness. You are here because you want the best. You have found what you seek. We call it LIÁ, the Messenian bliss.

We are the world’s 1st

for our taste, beauty, deep roots, secrets, inspiration, and awards

We are the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monovarietal in the world.
We are on top and still down to earth. We know what we are worth, but we humbly continue the good work with what our land in Messinia in Greece has generously offered us all these years. We are proud of our LIÁ, of its delicate taste and aromas, of its people.

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We have roots that reach into the past

and branches that reach out into the world.

Our olive groves in Filiatra, a picturesque provincial town in Messinia, Greece, are located near Mount Egaleo and are cooled by the breeze of the Ionian Sea. In this sacred land, ancient myths were born and epic stories known throughout the world were unfolded. In ancient times, here was the kingdom of Nestor and Ancient Messene, but what about it? A few centuries later, our family chose the same place to build a small “kingdom” as well. We harvest the olive tree fruit and produce the purest extra virgin olive oil by combining the wisdom of the past with the innovation of the future, with ethos, authenticity, respect and love for the people and nature around us. We are committed to sealing the goodness of Greek nature in our distinctive bottle sharing it then with the world.

Olive oil LIA Bottle
We have our secrets

like every good story and recipe that stands the test of time.

Secrets that only mothers and mother nature can whisper to us. Secrets that are passed down from generation to generation and that make our Extra Virgin Olive Oil so exquisite. We know that if we share our secrets with you, they will no longer remain secrets. But when it comes to our farming methods and sustainability, there are no secrets.

We have chosen to be transparent and committed to making the world a better place to live.

They trust us
We are inspired

by the majestic beauty of nature and the smiling eyes of people.

We believe that true inspiration can be found all around us. We just need to slow down, take our time and look closely. A wildflower, a bright red tomato, the chirping of birds, the bright sky, the laughter of a child can inspire us and whet our appetite to create our own dishes in the kitchen. For more inspiration, take a look at our mamma’s Konstantina Mediterranean recipes, prepared with love and LIÁ Extra Virgin Olive Oil .