Let us share it with you.
Olive oil LIA Bottle
We have a story to tell.

We have roots that go back in time and branches that grow and reach out into the world.

We are Cristina and Konstantinos Stribakos, the dreamers, the doers, the LIÁ cultivators. We harvest the fruit of our trees and produce the purest extra virgin olive oil, combining the wisdom of the past with the innovation of the future, with ethos, authenticity, respect and love for the people and nature around us. We have made it our mission to seal the goodness of Greek nature in our distinctive bottle and share it with the world.

But first, let us go back to when it all began!

Olive oil tree
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At the beginning of everything

In 1975, our parents inherited only 19 olive trees.
Our parents and those 19 olive trees raised us and taught us the most important values by which we still live today. We learned to respect the biodiversity of the environment, pay attention to its needs and observe its daily magic.

Playground love

The years passed and we grew up playing hide-seek in the family groves, climbing the branches and carving the initials of our first love into the tree trunks. We studied, we travelled the world, but we always returned to the same trees that give us joy and shelter to this day.

15 years of passion

For the past 15 years we have been learning, perfecting and refining this cultivation process by cultivating 3.000 olive trees of the koroneiki variety and bottling in our state-of-the-art premises. We keep going, in order to share our passion with you, bring to your table the best of our land and of ourselves, gift to you our roots of bliss.

Who are we today?!
Cristina Stribacu | Lia Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Greece The best EVOO
I am Cristina Stribacu

Every morning I wake up feeling the dew of our olive groves. I start my day with some homemade bread and some LIÁ Extra Virgin Οlive Οil together with some local Messinian goat cheese that I make myself! After that, you can usually find me in my office in the tiny attic, working, answering emails, tasting and doing my best to make LIÁ first not only in the world but also in your heart.

I am Konstantinos Stribakos

I believe that the smallest detail can make a big difference. Our olive trees are my relief after a very hard day. Every noon, when I have lunch with my family, I love watching my little daughters enjoying LIÁ. I appreciate good food. That's why I cultivate a vegetable garden and also manage a small farm so we can enjoy natural food. That's why we created LIÁ Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to offer you the most important food product.

Origin is more than a location on the map.

Origin is all the tastes, the flavours, the people who make you feel at home.

LIA Bottle
We are the world’s 1st

for our taste, beauty, deep roots, secrets, inspiration, and awards.

We are the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monovarietal in the world. We are on top and still down to earth. We know what we are worth, but we humbly continue the good work with what our land in Messinia in Greece has generously offered us all these years. We are proud of our LIÁ, of its delicate taste and aromas, of its people.