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our taste

Close your eyes, smell it, taste a drop of Greece

A taste that is pure, medium-fruity and full of fresh olives. A taste awarded as the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monovarietal in the world. A taste that masterfully balances between bitter and spicy, like bitter arugula, radish and fresh green pepper. A flavour that makes you stronger and healthier thanks to its high polyphenols content. A taste that you cannot get enough of. Try LIÁ on a slice of warm bread, with your colourful salad, goat cheese, cooked vegetables, fish or poultry dishes, cosy soups, pasta, even with bold desserts. You will definitely thank us later!

LIÁ tastes like:
bitter arugula, radish, artichoke, mediterranean hartwort and fresh green pepper
LIÁ smells like:
greek herbs, freshly mown grass, hartwort, green banana, apples, flowers
Taste Awards


  • Selected Farm with high score by the FLOS OLEI GUIDE
  • Gold Award in the Ιnternational Olive Oil Competition “EVO IOOC”, Italy
  • Gold Award in the Ιnternational Olive Oil Contest Anatolia , Turkey
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our beauty

Our opaque white bottle is beautiful because it has a story to tell.

When you hold this opaque white bottle in your hands, you are not only holding our Εxtra Virgin Olive Oil. You are holding the unique radiant light of Messinia. You are holding the simplicity of all that is beautiful. The symbols of our bottle are inspired by Linear B, the first script of the Greek language being discovered on clay tablets in the Mycenaean palace of Pylos in Messinia. Our bottle was specially designed to protect our extra virgin
olive oil from light and preserve its high quality. Our bottle tells a story, the story of our olive trees through a unique decorative pattern that shows our respect for tradition and our thirst for innovation.

Design awards
  • Selected by BuzzFeed among the twenty-five best packaging designs
  • Best Packaging Design Competition Terra Olivo Israel.
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Want LIÁ on your table?

Whether you are a picky eater or a true admirer of Mediterranean cuisine that is full of wisdom and health, you have many reasons to have our LIÁ on your table.

Want LIÁ for your business?

Whether you are a restaurant owner or a retailer looking for flavours that will satisfy even your most demanding customers, LIÁ is exactly what you are looking for.

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