Golden Summers: Embracing Extra Virgin Olive Oil - A Greek Mother's Guide

Savoring Fresh Salads, Kalamata Olives, and Organic Vegetables with the Elegance of LIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Stribacu family from Lía Premium Olive Oil Greece

As the warm embrace of summer envelops the bustling city of London, there’s no better time to infuse a touch of Mediterranean flair into your lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from the sun-soaked shores of Greece, we’ve gathered a handful of valuable tips from a Greek mother to help Londoners make the most of the season. From savoring the goodness of fresh salads and extra virgin olive oil to creating meaningful connections over Kalamata olives and embracing the organic bounty at Waitrose, these tips are sure to add a dash of Mediterranean magic to your summer.

Fresh Salads: A Symphony of Flavor and Health
In the heart of summer, the vibrant colors and flavors of fresh salads take center stage. Embrace the Greek tradition of combining crisp, locally-sourced vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers with aromatic herbs like oregano and basil. Create your own masterpiece by adding a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil—a key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet known for its numerous health benefits. These salads not only tantalize the taste buds but also keep you refreshed and energized on even the hottest days.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Liquid Gold for Health
For generations, extra virgin olive oil has been revered as a cornerstone of Mediterranean cuisine. Infuse your dishes with this liquid gold for its rich, fruity flavor and remarkable health benefits. From drizzling over salads to using as a dip for crusty bread, olive oil elevates the simplest of ingredients into culinary delights. Its antioxidant properties and healthy fats make it a nourishing addition to your summer meals.
Kalamata Olives: The Soul of Socializing
When it comes to fostering connections and good times, Kalamata olives stand as a symbol of Greek hospitality. Invite friends and loved ones over for a casual gathering and create a platter adorned with these dark, plump olives. Share stories, laughter, and memories as you savor the distinct and slightly tangy flavor of Kalamata olives—a small but powerful gesture that encapsulates the essence of summer in Greece.
Organic summer vegetables & fruits : Nature’s Treasures

Londoners are fortunate to have access to an abundance of organic produce at Waitrose. Embrace the spirit of Greece by indulging in a variety of organic fruits that mirror the sun-soaked orchards of the Mediterranean. From juicy peaches to succulent figs and refreshing watermelons, these fruits burst with natural sweetness and are a delightful way to beat the summer heat.
As the Mediterranean and London converge through these summer tips, the essence of Greek culture finds its way into the hearts and homes of Londoners. Embrace the wisdom of a Greek mother and infuse your summer days with the magic of fresh salads and extra virgin olive oil in every meal. By adopting these practices, you’ll not only nourish your body but also create cherished moments of connection, just as the Greeks have done for centuries. So, let the Mediterranean spirit guide you and make this summer a truly memorable one.


Photo (c) Konstαntin Filippou – Mama Konstantina