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Experience LIA
Visit us and experience the Greek hospitality along with the taste of LIÁ!
We are in Messinia, Greece, a unique place of cultural, natural and historical richness. A blessed, fertile and nourishing land, perfect for growing our olives and dreams. At LIÁ, one of our dreams was to share our love and knowledge of olive oil culture. This dream has come true and we now organize tasting experiences around the world and in our "Olive Oil Hub", a place open to all foodies, schools, tasters and chefs interested in exploring the value of extra virgin olive oil and the Mediterranean diet.
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Experiences of a lifetime @ our Olive Oil Hub
Christina Stibacu
The Face behind Olive Oil Hub

Hi! I am Cristina Stribacu, a passionate conservationist and one of the proud members of the LIÁ team.
Although I studied Italian language and art history, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to work with my brother Konstantinos to manage our family grove and create LIÁ Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an innovative, international award-winning brand. I am a certified olive oil taster and participate in international competitions and conferences while organising tasting courses for schools, tasters and producers. I travel around the world, but I live in Messinia. So, and I look forward to meeting you at our Olive Oil Hub in Messinia and sharing with you my love for olive oil culture and my knowledge of EVOO production, consumption and the values of the Mediterranean diet.

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We are the world’s 1st

for our taste, beauty, deep roots, secrets, inspiration, and awards.

We are the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monovarietal in the world. We are on top and still down to earth. We know what we are worth, but we humbly continue the good work with what our land in Messinia in Greece has generously offered us all these years. We are proud of our LIÁ, of its delicate taste and aromas, of its people.